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Our business is to provide mains-fed drinking water cooler systems in Northern Ireland and water dispensers in Ireland which use the quality water as it comes out of the tap with the added benefit of being filtered and chilled or heated depending on customer requirements.

The demand for environmentally friendly water dispensers in Ireland has grown over recent years as people come to realise that the bottled water coolers and filtered bottled water cost more in terms of finance and environmental damage. These costs can be attributed to non-biodegradable bottle packaging, water production and bottling facilities, storage, manpower, transport, administration. Our plumbed-in water coolers eliminate all these costs and have the added bonus of water coming fresh, straight from the tap as opposed to being stored for months in plastic.

We understand the positive effects of maintaining a high level of hydration throughout the working day, such as increased concentration, attention and improved memory, all working towards greater productivity.

MCR Services

Products for Schools

Our customers endorse the research that shows that children who have the opportunity to keep well hydrated throughout the day are able to maintain concentration for longer, show more settled behaviour and can stay more alert.
Our point-of use coolers are robust, can be located where they can be accessed by the children and the filtration system enhances the taste of the water.

Products for Factories

“Every employer must provide employees with an adequate supply of drinking water which is readily accessible to them”. Source: Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.
We have water dispensers to suit all locations including those with the highest of hygiene requirements to those where a more robust unit is more suitable.

Products for Offices

There are plumbed-in water coolers which are stylish and suit a modern setting. We can offer the option of personalising the unit with the company branding. Access to fresh drinking water will aid concentration and reduce some of the negative effects of an office environment.

Products for Healthcare

Health departments are constantly emphasizing the benefits of water over alternative drinks, so it is important to lead by example by offering access to water in waiting areas, offices and wards. A point-of-use system is the most appropriate way of making this provision.

Products for Home

Many people these days wish to have filtered water on tap in their homes and we have units that would suit the counter top. If space is at a premium then the under-sink system is a good option. We also provide the filters for water dispensers in the fridge.