_V4U1296 3x4 CroppedWe are a firmly established, family-owned company with over a decade of experience in supplying plumbed-in water coolers to schools, businesses and government departments throughout Ireland.

We operate out of the centrally located town of Portadown and endeavour to offer a prompt, customer-focused service from the initial meeting and assessment of the location to the installation and, most importantly, the follow up sanitation visits and call-out responses.

In recent years we have added water boilers and domestic filter systems to our expanding range of products and we constantly source those products, which offer our customers durability, efficiency and up-to-date technology.

We are very conscious of the environmental cost of modern lifestyles and this informs many of our business ethics. Here are some of the reasons why we promote the use of plumbed-in water systems:

  • Bottled water is environmentally detrimental in terms of the use of non-biodegradable plastic, bottling plants and transport.
  • Plumbed in systems significantly reduce the carbon foot-print of bottled coolers.
  • Point of use coolers provide an uninterrupted, continuous supply of fresh, filtered water that has not been left in bottles to stagnate and is not at risk of being affected by heat and light.
  • Replaceable water bottles are heavy, require suitable storage space and need manual handling.
  • There are additional administration costs associated with bottled coolers.
  • Our plumbed in water dispensers have an automatic cut off if any leaks are detected.
  • Plumbed in coolers are not top heavy like bottled water units making a plumbed in water dispenser more stable.
  • Point of use coolers