Our service includes the installation of the water dispenser or water boiler.  The site must offer a mains electrical socket and access to mains water supply within one metre of the unit location.  If electrical or plumbing work is required we can arrange for qualified technicians to do this and the cost will be added to the invoice.

A water block device is fitted to all our water coolers as a safety measure to prevent continuous leaking.


Our filters are British made from recycled components.  The coconut shell is the carbon used for filtering the water to reduce taste and odour, inhibit scale build up and remove particulates over 0.5 microns.  These filters are also suitable for domestic filtration systems including refrigerator and sink units.

Sanitation Visits

Our plumbed-in water coolers and water boilers should function smoothly, requiring a minimum of 2 sanitation visits per annum for coolers and 1 visit for boilers, to run efficiently year after year.

The sanitation visit happens at regular times through the year and the technician spends time ensuring that the system is flushed completely clean internally and that all the surfaces are thoroughly cleansed using industry recommended products.

Should any problems arise we make every effort to respond promptly and if the issue can not be remedied on site, we will replace the unit so that there will be no break in supply.