MCR Watercoolers offers a flexible payment plan for our products and services.  The plan that works best for most of our customers is the rental option.

The rental price includes:

  • the water cooler unit,
  • initial fitting and plumbing costs including a filter head, mains water tap, water block device to prevent serious leaks and a water filter,
  • 2 or 3 service visits per annum to sanitise the cooler (one visit for a boiler).  We use an industry recommended cleaner to flush out the tank, water lines and taps. For the drip tray and inner and outer shell we use a non-hazardous, environmentally safe sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs.  The filter is also replaced.
  • all call-outs and replacement parts.  If the machine can not be repaired on site we will replace the unit so that there will be minimal down time.

Payment Options

We endeavour to work out a plan that suits our customers.  The most popular plans are for a three or five year contract and for invoices to be sent out quarterly.